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Weaselwolf11 is a fine example of a anti-macro player (a player who hangs around certain areas and uses experience in spotting bots to get rid of players using bots). She likes to door-spam bots to mess up their macro programming and she also follows bots and tells others players to report the player using a bot for macroing.

She does this because she wants to make RuneScape better for proper players and because she wants to be a Player Moderator.

Her hang-out spots are all on World 44 and they are:

  • Around the Varrock sawmill area
  • In the Varrock Rune Shop
  • In the building to the south-east in Varrock
  • On a island on the east coast of the deep Wilderness (she tends not to be here as she is usually killed getting here)
  • Sometimes in the abandoned pirate ship in the very deep Wilderness.

Although her appearance is female, she is actually a 14 year old boy making her a he! Very confusing!