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The Werewolf lure is a lure that can only be performed on a members world. A player will tell a low-level player to attack a citizen of Canifis without the Wolfbane dagger, thus causing the citizen to turn into a level 88 werewolf and attack the other player, possibly killing them. Most players are smart enough not to fall for this as Drezel warns players about this in the Priest in Peril quest, however some players may fall for the scam. This is rarely used on targets with a combat level lower than 50, as any stronger may usually be enough to kill the werewolf, and it is almost never used on rangers or mages as they may hide behind an obstacle.


The scammer and a victim are in Canifis. The scammer is level 90, and the victim is level 20.
Scammer: Hey dude if u attack someone they'll drop full dragon!!
Victim: Sweet!!!
The victim attacks a citizen of Canifis. The citizen turns into a werewolf and kills the victim.
The scammer picks up the victim's items.
The victim may now report the scammer for item scamming.

How to avoid this[]

If a player is asked to attack another citizen of Canifis without a Wolfbane dagger, obtained from the "Priest in Peril" quest, it is not advised to do so with melee unless they feel they are strong enough to kill a level 88 werewolf that can hit up to 89 life points fairly often. It is best to report the player for scamming, as luring is technically considered a scam.

Gravestone Update[]

With the new Gravestone update, players can no longer immediately pick up other players' items when they die, and must wait for the gravestone to collapse before they may do so. This can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes (depending on the gravestone) and is usually more than enough time for the victim to return and reclaim their items. In addition, players with 70 prayer may (and often do) bless the gravestone, and extend the timer to an hour. Nevertheless, the scam is still performable, and the scammer may perfrom it just because he/she feels like it or just to be able to laugh at a low level for falling for it. There are now warning signs in Canifis, which may deter low levels from attacking them. Also, due to the fact that they are a common slayer task, there will usually be at least one citizen in werewolf form due to someone attacking it.