The Whip Lure wasn't as well known as most scams. The lurer would find a player usually in the "mainland" of runescape with an Abyssal Whip. They would then befriend them and take them into the wild. The lurer would then initiate a trade and offer 4 dragon longswords or mystic tops, for little to no cost. They would then kill the lured player. Due to the dragon longswords and mystic tops costing more in terms of shop price, the whip would be dropped upon death. Another version of this scam involved the same principle. The lurer would say that a friend made a bet with them that they couldn't kill a whip pker. The victim would agree to let the lurer kill him in the wild, with only the whip held. When the two arrived at their destination in the wild, the lurer would quickly drop 4 noted blue mystic robe tops, and possibly stall for some time, saying that he/she was setting up their camera. When the noted tops appear, the victim would quickly pick them up, seeing a great deal. The lurer, waiting for this, would quickly attack with a poisoned dragon dagger or Dragon claws, using the special attack to quickly kill the victim. Once the victim was slain, the whip they held would be dropped, even if they used the Protect Items prayer, and the victim would be left with 4 nearly useless blue mystic robe tops.

Due to a recent update, this scam is now extinct. As of 19 April 2011, items kept on death are now determined using the Grand Exchange value, not the alchemy value. Therefore, the player will now keep the whip over the noted robe tops, no matter how many he or she picks up.