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Wilderness Luring[]

A wilderness lurer's goal is to trick a player (normally a low level or noob) into the wilderness and kill them. It is usually out of spite rather than greed as their targets are usually too low level to have items worth taking. The scammer simply wants to make things harder for the newb and frustrate them into quiting. Since the update of the Wilderness Ditch, this form of luring is rare as players can see where the wilderness starts. Remember if you quit after being lured then the scammer has won!

Item Lure[]

The scam usually starts with the scammer saying something ridiculous like "I know a place where Rune Platebodies respawn" or "I know a guy in my clan who will buy your bronze for 10k but he's in the wilderness." The low level then says something like "Wow! I could make 80k off full rune and buy armour up to mithril! Take me there!" The excited victim follows the scammer into the wilderness and the scammer kills them. WARNING the scammer can be reported as scamming!


Scammer: "Hey you! Level 6! I know a place in the wilderness where Rune Platebodies spawn!" Victim: *thinking of all the stuff they could buy after selling the rune* "Wow! Take me there!" Scammer: "Ok, sure, don't worry, I can fight off any attackers!" Victim: "Ok let's go!" The scammer then takes the noob in and kills them

Clan Lure[]

In the clan lure the scammer comes up to his low level victim and tells them they can join his clan and level up. The victim is excited about leveling up the say ok. The scammer tells them that the clan meets in the wilderness. The newb says ok and is led into the wilderness and killed. WARNING the scammer has not broken the rules and is not reportable


  • Scammer: "Hey you! Level 5! My clan will help you get up to level 30 in no time!"
  • Victim: *thinking about being level 30* "Whoa sure!"
  • Scammer: "Here we go!"
  • Scammer pretends to be friendly then kills the victim as soon as they get far enough into the Wilderness.