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The Wizards Tower Lure is a scam when a scammer talks a low leveled player into visiting Wizards tower with them. Before the other player takes the victim, the player makes sure the victims Lumbridge Home Portal isn't working. They persuade the victim to follow them into Wizards Tower and attack a Level 9 wizard in the building. When the victim tries to escape, the player closes the door. The player takes the vicims items and runs off. You can now report this via Rule 2 on the Report abuse form.


Scammer says (to a low level player) they'd give the player 3000 coins if they attack a Wizard.

Victim attacks the Wizard, resurring themselves with the Wizard's low combat level.

Alternatively, the scammer can give the 3000 coins (or other amount of money) before the victim attacks the wizard, which will make the victim trust the lurer more, but scammers keep in mind that if the victim escapes, the scammer loses 3000 coins, and cannot report the victim.