Any player that uses another program to play for them. For a long time, woodcutting bots were the most common of all macros, and they were a major problem in free-to-play worlds and member worlds alike. In F2P worlds, one could easily count about 100 macros trying to cut down this one tree. If not taken care of, they could reach ridiculous woodcutting levels (sometimes even reaching 99) and fill up the hiscores. Woodcutting bots tend to flock around Oak, Willow, and Yew trees to collect vast amounts of logs. In member worlds, some bots would even chop down Magic trees. They will usually then sell their logs for real world cash. The programmers program their bots to run back and forth between banks and the woodcutting areas. Some of them are programmed to log out if a player moderator speaks near them. These bots are usually prone to aggressive monsters and sometimes are killed by muggers, highwaymen, tree spirits, jail guards and so on, but most have commands that make them run away if they are being attacked

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