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Player: Hey, do you want to come with me and collect Zamorak Wine?

Zamorak Wine scam[]

Newbie: Whats that?

Player: It's a really cool wine that sells really well for 1,800 GP!

Newbie: Sweet! I'll come!

At the Chaos Temple*

Player: Take the wine, and wait for it to respawn.

Newbie: OK!

Now, as soon as the newbie takes the wine, all the Zamorak Monks attack him.

Newbie: :O

The Newbie could either die, or manage to get away.

Player: Hahaha noob.

The scammer is pretty much making the newbie get piled on by Zamorak Monks. Before free trade was removed, this used to be an effective scam to steal cash. Now, it is used if a player just wants to get rid of a beggar, or any new player on Runescape. The Monk of Zamorak can be from level 17 to 45, with 100 to 400 LP, and can hit up to 80 with magic. If all monks are dead, or the user uses Technic Grab, the wine can be taken, but if taken by hand, you will be damaged by Zamorak himself.