Zezima is thought to be one of the most famous people in all of Runescape. He has been playing since early 2001, and is an active member at this time. He has achieved maximum experience in 2 of his skills, placing him currently ranked 30 in RuneScape hiscores. Zezima has been known throughout the RuneScape community and Jagex as the benchmark of RuneScape players, and even though he isn't #1 on the Runescape Overall highscores anymore, he is still ranked highly using the same account name on Funorb; a gaming website created by Jagex. He is usually seen followed by a flock of other players who highly respect him, though Zezima rarely utilizes dialogue. This has aroused suspicion by other players who consider Zezima to either be a user of automated scripts (bots), or a common Runescape myth: An experiment (not a player) created by Jagex Ltd. for keeping their game stable. More information on Zezima can be found by visiting the Runescape forums. Zezima is known to have been using his last name as a username, an act not recommended by Jagex. Ironically, he has player moderator status, as there is a silver crown when he speaks. Unconfirmed reports by other players say that Zezima's first name is Peter. As of August 16, 2011, Zezima is reported to be twenty six years old.